Creative Landing Page Template

Full featured, fully customizable & Responsive landing page template design that suits for your product, services template, business template, app templates etc...

Creative Landing Page Template

The neat & clean Landing page template design for all your needs. 

If you’re in search of a simple minimal yet impressive landing page then you’re on the right place.

This template is fully customizable & fits in your Service langing page, Product based website’s landing page, Saas plateform or personal blog’s landing page.

This template comes with several color themes. Also, you can customize the theme according to your site’s asthetic.

The template is easy to use and easy to customize.

User-Friendly Design, Effortless Customization

Navigating through our template’s features is as easy as its customization.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make it your own:


- The template includes the color theme stylesheets(CSS files) separately. so you can customize the colors & theme easily.

Include one of the color themes that suit your project.

To include the color theme you’ve to include one of the color files before the head like below

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/themes/bayoux-lily.css" />

In the above example, we’ve included the Bayoux-lily color theme.

For further customization, you can change the CSS color code variables form the file. 
for that, you can edit the file from themes directory(css/theme/…)  & you’ve to modify below code/variables


:root {
  --font-title: "Rubik", sans-serif;
  --font-content: "Karla", sans-serif;
  --clr-primary: #506084;
  --clr-secondary: #b697b6;
  --clr-light: #fff;
  --clr-dark: #4c4c4c;
  --clr-gray: #6c6c6c;
  --clr-menu: #eee;
  --radius: 5px;

In this, you can edit the font-family, main primary color, a secondary color, menu color, radius, etc…

- To customize the SVG we’ve used the library undraw(   you can download the suitable illustrator from undraw and place it wherever you want in the template.

- For icons, we’ve used the library iconmonstr( & customize the icons. You can find custom icons inside the icon/custom directory.

- For testimonials, we’ve used library Humaaans(SVG)( face object.

More Features…

Don’t miss out on experiencing our template’s potential. Explore the demo and witness the impact for yourself. Feel free to share your insights and suggestions.